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About Tian positive

  "Hardware Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Tian are the three" was founded in early 2010, is located in the economic, transportation and communication are very well-developed Pearl River Delta hinterland. Company well-equipped, strong technical force, high degree of specialization, since the establishment of the constant introduction, combined with the absorption of foreign advanced technology and processes, and continuous research and development, innovation, and has a number of professional design, development, manufacturing engineering and technical personnel and efficient management system, to provide users with the most secure supply and the most professional technical services. Printing and binding equipment has been committed to the development, production, processing and sales. In the southern and eastern China established a strong sales network. Binding supplies already have large-scale production, serialization, cost-effective products with strong market competitiveness.

  Main products: stationery accessories, binding material, binding accessories, open type aluminum frame advertising, business licenses aluminum frames, PP folders, metal clip, stationery folders, plastic folders, desk calendars accessories, curtain accessories, clips and other binding material and Hardware shaped craft pieces, most of the products are exported overseas. "Tian are three" Since its inception, adhere to the "root for Germany to Chile as a source, people-oriented, tradition of excellence" spirit of enterprise and the "integrity, pragmatic, innovative leader in" business philosophy, adhere to the best quality and services to new and old customers, and constantly innovative products to meet customer needs.
"Tian are three" Special thanks to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pearl, Yangtze River Delta and the use of long-term support of the company's products trusted merchants from different industry, so that the "field is the three" to rapid development, has become the industry leader. Why is good, because professional. "Tian are three" people-oriented, make friends, willing to work with domestic and foreign friends of all, merchants work together to create brilliant.
A warm welcome letter calls the community and personally visit, we will sincerely cooperate with you sincerely for your services.

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